geraldventure (n.) – an exciting, unusual, risky and crazy activity or experience; (v.) – to live life to the fullest; engaging in an out-of-this-world sensory experience; usually an exploration of an unknown territory, event, thing,  ex: My friends and I geraldventured the new ice cream shop.

Gerald Marin as Prince Charming

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel  read only one page.”

This blog is for everyone who constantly choose to get drunk, party wild, dream big, study hard, pray harder, and believe that life is too short to be taken seriously.

Being a masters student of the Erasmus Mundus programme Food Innovation and Product Design, I am so excited to share to you the ff:

1. Hot new places and events in my current city

2. Realizations about life (yeah, the philosophical ones whenever I am on a high)

3. Crazy activities / stories / ideas only a Filipino in Europe can think of

… and a whole lot more!

Don’t miss my geraldventures here in Paris! Follow me and I’ll keep you posted!


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